Wordpress Rescue

What is Wordpress Rescue?

It is when your Wordpress is dead in the water and requires immediate attention to get resurrected or resuscitated back from the dead. There are many reasons at play why this could happen. If you are reading this post because your Wordpress website is broken, dead, or completely vanished from the internet, please immediately contact us and let us investigate the issue for you.

From experience, the usual cause of broken Wordpress website is out-dated or broken plugins. It is one thing to build a website, it is another thing to maintain it, keep it up-to-date and making it secure. Most Wordpress websites get built-out and never touched again, until a problem is discovered. And when the problem is discovered it is usually too late.

Tool late? How? Why?

I had a small business contact me recently panicking that their website has disappeared from the internet. They learned from their host that their website was dead for 3 months before catching it. How often do clients actually check out if their site is still live? Never or seldom. This particular client discovered the problem after realizing that their business was in a free fall. Eventually they learned that the hosting company shut down their site for spreading malware. Their site was hacked. What made matters worse, was that they did not have the keys to the host and couldn't even get the copy of their website. Apparently their developer, who hosted their site, died in an accident and the business owners couldn't prove to the host that they were the original owners of the site. Luckily they had access to their domain.

What do you do in a situation like this?

Luckily the Internet Archive (Wayback Machine) contained a copy of their website, recent enough to allow us to rebuild it. We were able to quickly rebuild their site sustaining the same html, permalink, and page structure to make sure the technical SEO aspects of the same site remain as close to the original as possible.

Your story could be similar or different. Your problem can be simple or complex, but no matter what it is, we can help mitigate the problem and put provisions in place to make sure the same crisis does not repeat itself.

What are some things we can do to Rescue your Wordpress website?

  • Fix WordPress website bugs and errors.
  • Get broken or hacked WordPress websites back online.
  • Migrate WordPress websites from one hosting platform to another.
  • Replace broken plugins to ensure that your site uses only reputable plugins.
  • Add new features to your site.
  • Remove malicious code that may have been added to your WordPress website.
  • Tighten Wordpress and server security

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