Who are my clients?

I work with businesses that need to reestablish their brand online to better reflect their image.

Usually when a new business gets a website, they go for the cheapest offer, after all they can't afford to shell out $5,000 for a new website. There are plenty of local web design agencies who are willing to design a fast cheap website for $500 using some off-the-shelf template and stock graphics. Usually such design is very bloated, and just plain boring, making your business look like every other small business on the planet. The client does not know, nor does not care about their initial image, because their first order of business is to get published and established online. But after the businesses grows and becomes better established, new awareness arises, one that did not arise in the beginning - "how does my business look to clients?" This is when the company realizes that it needs a better website, one that makes them feel established, proud, and innovative.

....and that's where I enter the picture.