Who are my clients?

In most cases, when a new business launches, the owner opts for the most affordable web design offer because, after all, they can't afford to shell out $5,000 for a new shiny website. There are plenty of web designers who are willing to design a fast, cheap website for under $500 using some off-the-shelf templates and stock graphics. As a result, such a design solution comes out looking bloated and generic, making the new business look like every other small business on the planet. 

A typical business owner, at the beginning of a journey, may not be aware, and probably not care much about their initial image, because the first order of business is to get noticed and be established online. But after the business grows and becomes better rooted, a new awareness arises, one that did not arise before - "How does my business look in the eyes of my clients?" and "How well does it reflect my brand?" This is when the business owner realizes that there is a need for a better web design solution that can better reflect its company branding, and make the business look more established, solid, and refined.

That's where I enter the picture.

I work with businesses that would like to renew their image to better reflect their brand. Perhaps you are one of those business owners who recognizes the need for a better solution than the one you currently have. Your first solution served you well and got you to the point where you are now, but now you are trying to take your business to the next level and your current solution no longer cuts it. Contact me and let's see what we can do about the current state of your website.