Is Wordpress the best CMS in 2022?

For small to midsize businesses Wordpress is the best Content Management System. Here are some of the obvious reasons why:

  • Perhaps the number one reason has to do with its ease of use. Wordpress is easy to use for a beginner. This is especially important when staff needs to be trained on how to use and publish content on Wordpress.
  • A large library of plugins allows Wordpress to be scaled and extended.
  • Wordpress is open source, which means it is free to you.
  • Most if not all hosting companies allow you to install Wordpress with one click.
  • When it comes to Search Engine Optimization, Wordpress contains all the tools (free and paid) necessary to start building and optimizing the site for better ranking.
  • If you ever need to hire someone to build more on top of Wordpress, it is easier to find a qualified designer or developer at a reasonable cost to get the job done.
  • Wordpress is actively developed and has a very large community behind it.
  • Wordpress integrates with most third-party tools that you rely on to manage your business.